What we know is that being amongst the top 3 crypto currencies is not just about the value of the currency but the market capitalization.

As published on swisscoin whitepaper, “The SWISSCOIN (SIC) huge team’s aim is to achieve 1 billion users in our ecosystem providing unique products and services and creates a total capitalization amounting to over 50 billion US dollars”.

If this can be accomplished, SWISSCOIN will as of today’s current market capitalization defiantly outrank all other crypto currencies making us #1.


In the swisscoin convention held in Dubai, the SWISSCOIN project manager, Dr. Cornelia Friese-Wehr talked about the major project goals the company is working on towards becoming the leading cryptocurrency, and these goals is as discussed below.

Project Goals to becoming the leading digital money

1.      SWISSCOIN aid charity for Africa and focused development of Chinese and European market.

2.      Aim to achieve 100 Million users in their ecosystem during the next 5 years by providing unique products and services that creates a total capitalization amounting to over 50 billion US dollars.

3.      Target of over 30,000 merchants (we accept swisscoin) within a short period and with a continued increase.

4.      The use of their unique blockchain system, that is, using a Proof-of-Work (PoW) creation cycle followed by transition to full Proof-of Stake (PoS) as this has shown to be both very cost efficient and eco-friendly as well as a more beneficial system for all users in terms of PoS rewards.

5.      SWISSCOIN Projects AID charity for the African continent, working towards the education sector to growing their brand and awareness.

Going through the above project goals, we can see that the strategy of SWISSCOIN is far beyond what anyone could imagine, you should know that when the branding of the name SWISSCOIN is done correctly, the market capitalization will exceed all expectations of the company and its users, and this is when its aim to becoming the leading cryptocurrency is accomplished.

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In due time, we will update everyone on the progress of these goals as well as if there are any new, related projects and marketing strategies.


  1. Amazing , The market is Huge, Massive Business platform, Will like the Management to concentrate more on Africa, Particularly Nigeria.. More Public Awareness should be in place by the Leaders to eradicate Poverty Completely…….

  2. Excellent project goals..the rate swisscoin have move in the last 8 months shows its a force that cannot be ignore. Am happy to be part of this movement.

  3. Hi are happy to be associated with Swisscoin, capacity need to be built with SIC, to be presented in every Village, town and cities of under developed world whilst innovation to modern technologies continues.
    Muzi Ndadana