Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!! A big congrats to all of you who participated in the swisscoin project. It’s been a long journey though and only the patient and strong ones kept their faith solid. As for the doubting Thomas, they are now shamed.

Swisscoin now listed on public exchange, as we can see it on ( However, more and more exchanges would be revealed.

We can get a view from the image below, and soon, the company would start pumping the volume. So guys, let’s take a deep breath and keep watching while we celebrate this.

Soonest, coins transfer from BackOffice to external wallet will be completed and trading starts. But I advise, you hold your coins and watch the value of SIC rise. Remember my previous post about swisscoin being amongst the top 3 cryptocurrency? Watch out for it.

Stay tuned guys…


  1. Thanks SC
    We are pleased to hear such good news, I personally congratulates Swisscoin for listing. I was beginning to be worried, as I was checking now and then on the list of listed coins in Stock Exchange and SC name not piping up on the lists. Please issue an instruction where people may check their coin.

  2. How can Coins be transferred to Web Wallet, if on Edit Account one can not enter SIC Adress and stor it. The same problem as shown on video of Andreas Kartrud, where on his demo he had to change the email twice!!!

    • haha.. don’t grumble and take this as a very huge opportunity. Let me tell you a secret, the company allows space for dumbers to dumb, buy back and pump volume and from the following month, you would see huge increase in value. so dear friend, get as many as you can get now and store (hold) in your wallet. I have told you from start, this is a long term business and not the usual pump and dump shit coins out there. However, most dumps are coming from the hacks that happened at initial stage, only waiting for company to reach exchange so they can dumb. But never worry. Swisscoin is a huge company

  3. Hello I am kenneth, a new swisscoin partner, I want to enter into the swisscoin business. Phone no 08066654970, 08169629012. Thanks as I will appreciate a positive response.

  4. I made a deposit to SIC wallet. It is nearly 3 days didnt received it yet. What should i do? Pls help. I confirmed the withdraw mail.

    • we advise you don’t use the web wallet for now. If you have sent to web wallet and it have not reflected, just stay tuned.. once update and upgrade is over, it would reflect. Your coins is not lost as the transaction is already confirmed on blockexperts