Recently, we’ve had some ups and downs, but more ups at the long run. Swisscoin management already working towards fulfilling the entire obligations made to the community as stated from the start and would accomplish in no time. However, we received a newsletter from the company that was sent to some of their partners.

The mail is as quoted below

SWISSCOIN, a success Story

When we started on May 2016 with aim of creating a new, innovative cr4ypto-currency, were we not aware how much financial effort and opposing wind we were facing. But today, on the 26th of October, 2017 we are proven right in believing in our ability to achieve the miracle.

The achievements:

About 1 million users in 140 countries

2oo ooo paying Partners

25 Coworkers in Admin and General Services

a decentralized Blockchain

a freely traded Coin already available to the Public

a currency already traded since 17 days on the Crypto-Exchange:

is listed at

a blockchain maintained by the community independently

a unique brand name

and as a result, all our partners, who made this success possible will subsequently benefit from the great opportunities and the huge potential of our Blockchain technology.

In the wake of the fantastic BitCoin development SWISSCOIN will be mentioned as a further Crypto-currency that will change the financial world of the future and will be named as a real decentralized coin. a fine value store which can be traded independent from central banks and countries, equal to BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other well known coins in the industry.

For those who can imagine where the trip will go in the future we recommend to look at SWISSCOIN very closely.

Ethereum, Dash and Lithecoin as payment options.

From now on you can use apart from BitCoin additional Altcoins such as Ethereum, Dash and Lithcoin as payment in our Backoffice Shop. Simply click on the respective coin to pay at the checkout.

SWISSCOIN is listed at

We are pleased to announce that SWISSCOIN is now listed as a crypto currency with decentralized blockchain at and

SWISSCOIN at the first stock exchange:

Since 6.00pm of the 10th of October 2017 SWISSCOIN has been listed at the We are on a very good way to realize our goals and we will do everything to influence the price positively and place our SWISSCOIN at further crypto-markets. To achieve the maximum result we need to transfer our coins into the blockchain and consequently into the SIC-WALLETS. Register at and open an account, upload some coins and start trading at

In November/December 2017 there will be a lot of news, be curious.


So guys, we expect huge results from November, December as there would be huge happening around the swisscoin-sphere. I advise you acquire as much SIC coins as possible before the value per SIC gets to the moon.

Stay tuned, more information would get to you guys in no time 🙂


  1. I’m solidly behind this coin. The future is bright. But please, delivery of coins from to the web wallet should be rectified as soon as possible, till today I have been waiting for my coins I bought since on Tuesday,this doesn’t tell well at all. For now, I have been buying more coins and storing them on coinexchange, because I don’t even trust any swisscoin wallet for now, be it web or offline wallet. Please work on this. Still expecting my coins.

  2. Hello ! Help solve the problem. I downloaded the purse on the computer and bought coins on the exchange in the amount of 301981, everything was fine 22 and on October 23 I received coins with “Proof of Stake” +30 and +50 coins, after that the wallet has ceased to function, for a week there is no synchronization. I made a backup and installed the purse on another computer, but on it, for some reason, there are 1089.98 coins available, and 3.0882.89 coins in the share simply disappeared. Later I bought another 38,884 coins. My purse address is SP1daQCECR6FCon94GNgAQd6PXWDcDmkfY, at all transactions are visible. I ask the company to help me return the coins to my wallet. Respectfully yours, Pavel !

    • You will get your coin in no time. It’s not held by company but web wallet is being upgraded. so once its up-to-date, it would reflect