The swisscoin convention held in Dubai was a huge success as the event started with a welcome drink and launch where most country leaders got to know each other and management crew. After that, we had a welcome and opening of the convention by our co-founder before the CEO, Mr Manfred Mayer made a brief review about the company.

During the event, the company had already announced Mr Andreas Kartrud as their global sales manager and everyone was happy as him being part of the management crew. He was the chairman of the event and made it happen (successful event).

About the official website, the project manager, Dr. Cornelia Friese-Wehr walked members through the website design, navigations and functions as it was in German. However, she promised that once the site goes live, it would be uploaded with different Language translations and will also integrate the ticket system on the site. She also agreed on the implementation of live support system where users get to communicate to technical team when facing technical issues. This is what we ever wanted.

Swisscoin Presents New Official website, Blockchain explorer and open web wallet

The swisscoin blockchain explorer was also presented during the convention as its running smoothly. Open web wallet of the decentralized blockchain was also presented alongside with the swisscoin wallet app, although we didn’t have any medium to sample the app, but we glued a glance of it. The swisscoin website would also be integrated with merchant list where you get to see over 5,000 merchants accepting swisscoin.

The management also informed users that the newly launched swisscoin e-commerce shop would be worked on, and also, the ecommerce shop would be connected to users backoffice wallet, were they get to purchase item with bonus on their cash account.

More information revealed in the video below…


  1. why is transfer option open to some people ,are we not all investors?, swisscoin cryptocurrency is now getting it wrong here,

    • This is what you should understand.. the option is being misused by so many and it affects the system, that’s the reason most is limited to that option as they’re selected country top leaders to execute it. However, the transfer option shouldn’t be an issue because the company has made it possible to purchase pack via so many means and cash withdrawal is made possible via Bitcoin or local account, so I see no reason individuals seek for transfer option in terms of cash withdrawal.. the transfer option is not the main part as once swisscoin goes IPO, your decentralized wallet is what makes the main cryptocurrency.. so don’t look at transfer option for fiat means.

      Also, swisscoin would be distributing MasterCard Sept 2017 to investors which would be connected to their cash account which makes instant withdrawal possible.

      Hope you’re cleared? 😊