When calculating the total number of coin to acquire after buying a swisscoin educational package, there are factors to be considered which includes, the swisscoin mining, difficulty level, token and split – split indicator.

Most swisscoin investors, especially the newly registered partners find it difficult to understand what these whole factors mean, and if you don’t understand those term, then it would be difficult to determine the total amount of coin piece to acquire after subscribing for an educational package. However, this article will briefly explain what swisscoin token means, along with mining, split and difficulty level.

Swisscoin token

Tokens gives you access to Swisscoin mining pools. One token is valued at €0.1, in other words, when you made purchase of a €500 pack, you’re eligible to receive 5000 tokens. This calculation on value €0.1 may not be applicable for educational packages above €5000 as they tend to achieve more token. Since the company is responsible for the coin mining which is done accordingly to the whitepaper explanation (PoW transitioning into PoS) the tokens are used to calculate how many SWISSCOIN you acquire depending on what difficulty level when submitting.


Swisscoin split and split Indicator

The split is a company bonus that is included in all educational packages from Swisscoin. Depending on your Investment, you will receive between 1-3 split.



When the split indicator reaches 100% (approx. every 3 months) the amount if tokens you received when purchasing your package, will double. If you have more than one split, your amount of token will double again with next split. In other words, there is a double on token which is submitted for mining after each split depending on the package you enrolled for and its split limit. i.e, if I invested €500 which is said to have 5000 token and 1split, once the split indicator reaches 100%, the amount of token would double once and sum up to 10000 token.

Swisscoin Mining difficulty level

The mining difficulty rate is how the company calculates how many coins you will get from the mining process after you have submitted your tokens.


The difficulty rate is set by the number of tokens that are submitted into mining (expected value) and the Value is set by the total number of coins that are distributed to members

As the value of the coin increases, so does the mining difficulty rate! The earlier you mine, the higher the profit.

This is done by company alone, a creation cycle period of one week Proof-of-Work hardware mining will take place where all coins are mined at once. The transitioning into Proof-of-Stake model will then take place and company will issue the remaining coins to the investors accordingly to how and when they invest

So that’s just a brief explanation about the swisscoin mining difficulty level, split and token. On next article, I would be revealing how to calculate number of swisscoin coin piece after.


  1. I need some explanation on token, split and difficulty rate. The Educational package I bought will give my 2 splits. The number of token I have at point of purchase was 25,000 tokens at 4 difficulty rate. Now after the first split I got 50,000 no coins. Now that the difficulty rate has moved to 8 what will be used to calculate my coin difficulty rate of 4 or 8. How would my coin be calculated at the last split.

    • Once another split takes place, you would be given 100,000token and this would be mined at recent difficulty level which is 8… so 100,000/8 is the total coin you should be expecting

  2. I invested a small sum of just over rm1500.00 way back 4 months ago and I was told that i will be given token initially. Until now, inspite of my request to update me of the progress, i was given no concrete answer. What should I do.?