Swisscoin finally set to go public as they unleashed their official website. However, just after the last split, the split indicator is on rush as swisscoin IPO is fast approaching. There is every tendency that this would be the last spilt or close to the last.

For now, we can only see homepage section of the official site, alongside with recommended pages which include legal notice, data protection and terms of service, blockchain, crypto currencies, safety, pay spot, purchases, business concept etc. these pages are not yet functional at this time, till website is uploaded fully as company go IPO.

Few weeks from today, swisscoin is going to hit the crypto stock exchange market and once it’s public, the company would implement new marketing concept.

We also managed to source info from company regarding to unresolved issues like blocked accounts, payment options and other hanging issues, and the company promises to settle all of this before going IPO.

Lastly, we are yet to receive a newsletter from company in regards to creating SIC external wallet accounts for transfer of coins. In due time, we will keep you guys updated with information regarding to how to create external wallet from company alongside security tips on how to keep yours safe.

What more to say? If you’re an investor, invest more, and if you’re yet to invest, you invest huge as you can’t meet SIC on this value once it goes IPO.