The long anticipated Swisscoin IPO is yet to come. However, company makes arrangement for a kick-off event that will be held few days after public offering. The event is scheduled for 4th of August in Hungary, 19th of August in Bulgaria and 19th September in China.
After further confirmations from company’s top leaders, we got to discover the major outline to be presented during the event. We also sourced some other information in regards to the event and this would be of great benefit to all swisscoin partners.

Highlights of the Swisscoin Kick-off event in Bulgaria, China and Hungary

1. The already unleashed Swisscoin 2.0 would be made fully known during the event, revealing the new swisscoin strategy as they hit public market.
2. The already launched decentralized blockchain and free swisscoin tradability would go live during the event, with some other technical related guide.
3. All innovative acceptance points would be made known to swisscoin partners
4. We should get rolling with external web wallet; swisscoin wallet app should be made known and some other related inventories.

Kick-off Event in Hungary, Budapest – scheduled for

Date: August 4th 2017.
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Location: Hotel Molnár, 1124 Budapest, Fodor u. 143., Magyarország
Ticket: 5€

Kick-off Event in China, Hongkong – scheduled for

Date: September 16th 2017.
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: will be announced
Ticket: 60€

Kick-off Event in Bulgaria, Sofia – scheduled for

Date: August 19th 2017
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: will be announced
Ticket: 5€
Speakers: Swisscoin management and top leaders
Every swisscoin partners is invited for the first swisscoin Kick-off event as all partner and manager who wish to upgrade their swisscoin business to a new level is welcome to participate in this huge event. If you missed the Dubia convention, don’t miss this.


  1. you have said that swisscoin will send our coins through 14 days to our E_wallet !!! we spent 22 days with no any transferring !! why ?

    • That’s through.. but the company have good reasons for delay. They’ve to make sure that all is up and running fine b4 they proceed transfer. So keep calm, we still in right track

  2. Question is, IPO will be the 1st of August as announced, or rather on one of these kick-off events, since it is written here that the blockhain would go live at this event (which one?), so all of this is confusing

    • Although Bitcoin upgrade holds same 1st August, so seems swisscoin IPO might not hold exactly 1st but 1st week or 2nd week of August.. that’s the major reason the event is planned that period as it’s their first kick off event.

  3. why alll KYC uploaded with National ID and /or Driving licence – Malaysian members, being rejected??? Instead they asking to upload passport only… I do not understand why Swisscoin do not accept National ID and /or Driving license. Stated clearly as option in the Swisscoin platform- we have options – National ID/Driving license or passport. Pls understand – not all of us , have international passport, those who do not have passport- its insane for them to get the passport just for this bloody Swisscoin KYC verification!!!!!!
    I insist whoever has the authority in swisscoin , pls relook on this matter. if you want ONLY passport, specify ONLY passport is acceptable… Ridiculous and impractical…for other matters the famous answer from ever responding to our concerns – still practising …. in 14 days time or in two weeks time … the related activity will be started…. Dont give all this bullshit statement… explain to us … the TRUTH…most of us intially were excited investing in Swisscoin but now… GIGO – GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT… if swisscoin really want to strive for the top 3 cryptocurrency in the world… pls behave like top 3 …not bottom 3…