Over the week, swisscoin has dominated on top gainers list in coinmarketcap, and just few hours ago, we met swisscoin on #1 spot in top gainers list. This is a result of its steady growth with over 170% increase in last 7days.

In just few hours, swisscoin jumped from 13sat to over 20sat and with more buy walls coming in on exchange with limited sell walls, this would definitely result to huge increase on value and you know what this means for us.

We also noticed huge increase in swisscoin volume in last 24hours, which also brought swisscoin to the top list in coinexchange. I’m pretty sure it was due to the huge traffic on trading swisscoin that brought about temporary halt on trading with coinexchange.

In following weeks, price stabilization would be worked on, and more exchanges would be listed for swisscoin trading and this would defiantly result to a huge spike in swisscoin value. However, management is already working towards other project goals as highlighted in our previous articles.

Stay tuned guys for more essential info. Buy and hold as many SIC as possible, we heading to the moon in no time.


  1. I don’t understand…. It’s three days now and I’m yet to receive my coins in my web wallet. The transaction ID can’t even be found on the Explorer. How long do I have to wait?

      • Swisscoin Wallet Address :

        TRANSACTION ID :2a73064cc946b1e41d8066daad5e05dac4d60806d650d1b420e36fdcda660303

        • Oh Sorry….. I was checking it on the Explorer site. Just checked the blockexpert and found it there. Please what is the difference between the blockexpert and Explorer? Also how long will this transaction be completed? Thanks

          • at this moment, management focuses on upgrading the web wallet, so sometimes, your coins might not reflect. however, the desktop wallet can be of use now as it is fully functional