The swisscoin Dubai convention was a successful one as known. Investors were opportune to question the management and all went as expected. However, the management informed the top leaders on some aspect to be amended and some activities to be executed in few weeks to come.

Previously, I briefed you guys about the successful presentation of swisscoin blockchain, new website and open web wallet. Today, I’ll simply walk you through the highlights made on KYC, withdrawals and others from the swisscoin Dubai convention.

Highlights on KYC, Withdrwals, Merchants, Diamond Pool and others

1. The company will focus on developing China, Europe, Africa market; I believe you all know that the three continents are the biggest, so therefore, the company is planning on employing co-representative, more like continent management, making sure that things are being carried out fine as expected.

2. The company also works on introducing the official website as known and the latest addition of back end login on the official website of Swisscoin in a few days/weeks, we have already been given a pre look at the website, very beautiful, professional, there are explanations what is the currency of the encryption and blockchain, it is currently in German, the company is dealing with the English version and will be completed in the next two weeks.

3. There are today about 5000 merchants that have registered as business acceptance points, waiting for the company further processing of these, they will be available and visible through the new official website. However, the people don’t just get to trade this coin but also look up to acceptance point and use it for the purchase of goods and services.

4. Next, SWISSCOIN Shop (SIC) will be supporting different charities, from sales of different items 80% of the revenue will be placed in a POOL of charity; the company will set up one team for charitable affairs. At the same time the company also sent education fund to help children of Africa, let more children have opportunities to class education.

5. The following 4-6 weeks, you will be able to use their withdrawal; you can select the withdrawal to your bank account or bitcoins wallet (note that bitcoins may not be available to everybody as there is a limited stock, if possible the company recommend using withdrawal straight into your bank account)

6. The company decided to cancel the internal trading, SIC will go directly to the public exchange offering external trade, latest on August 1st, SIC will be traded free on the public exchange. Company mentioned that everything run smoothly and without any difficulties

7. Diamond Pool (Diamond) bonus, will be paid out in the next 15 days, the company will send the diamond share bonus to all leaders. 60 cash / 40 trading

8. KYC approvals would be running smoothly within the next few weeks, as only KYC approved account can get to withdraw their cash bonus. Once the new system is uploaded, we expect KYC approval in less than 48hrs.

The above information is all users wanted to hear as it was cleared by the companies CEO himself, Mr Manfred Mayer. With this, investors get full confidence to market the company and eventually, the project goals as written in the companies whitepaper would be a success.


  1. My I cant do anything I just loose my money on ewallet and waiting for answer as you, I know that there was fake accounts on my team and its theirs fould so I cant expect something from company but I sent email.
    Usrname :meri22
    Nom : elrhazi mostafa

    • According to the company, if those in your team (your downlines) created fake account or among those who misused the system in terms of getting fake funds, then I’m sorry to tell you that after the system was cleaned up, the fake value bonus gotten was also removed and the company wishes to keep it that way to avoid further harm on the system. This actions is taken by the company for our own good, to make sure that payments are given to the right people with the right amount.. so if you checked your ewallet details and noticed minus, then know that your downlines was amongst those using the system wrongly or got fake funds…

      We believe all is now corrected, system upgraded and running smoothly now..

  2. how can i fund my account? because i triad bitcoin to fund my swisscoin account, i didnt see my account reflecting in my dashboard, these over 4 days, what can do my so that my account will be funded?