Swisscoin is finally set to come out in open announcing their launch through a global convention in Dubai. The company as known was initially launched on the 4th of June 2016 with plans to grow demands and aim to be amongst the top 5 crypto. However, within a short period they’ve achieved major goals and now set to go public.

The company, on her whitepaper, revealed some of their project goals and also completion of their hybrid blockchain which has been on test phase for some months, and it’s been confirmed working fine. Partners was also alerted on the total number of acceptance point already emerged within a short period; however, they aim over 30,000 merchants in next few years to come.


Swisscoin management sends invitation to all investors, partners and marketers to participate in the most anticipated event in 2017 which is about to take place, the SWISSCOIN International convention April 9th.

Partners as well as investors would be presented with SWISSCOIN 2.0, bringing you the below information;


  1. How SWISSCOIN is set up to become a global payment solution and payment method.
  2. The live, decentralized blockchain of SWISSCOIN and all data.
  3. The external SWISSCOIN core ewallet (software) and its functionality.
  4. The official SWISSCOIN website.
  5. The company 12 month strategic plan to develop the market and become recognized as a top 3 cryptocurrency
  6. The company 5 years strategic plan to develop the market and acquire a minimum of 100 million users in the SWISSCOIN ecosystem
  7. Recognition / Diamond Pool / Diamond Pin
  8. And much, much more.

The company further passed a notice that all of those who do not already have a ticket for swisscoin Dubai convention can also pay via the swisscoin ewallet cash account. This can be done simply by mailing the company via and then enter the number of tickets you want to order. 1 ticket normal price 149, – €, 3 tickets 350, – € and 5 tickets for 500, – €.

Don’t miss out, come and experience the new SWISSCOIN 2.0 on April 9th, 2017. As forthose of you who’ve got less info about the swisscoin, I advise you read up the article on how to start-up an nvestment with swisscoin crypto currency.