Congratulations to everyone involved, SWISSCOIN is celebrating its 1 full year of existence, first of many decades to come with swisscoin external web wallet released.

SWISSCOIN cryptocurrency will soon become a house-hold name used by millions of people worldwide, not only making private and business transactions faster, cheaper, with more availability and more security than today, but also allowing people all over the world to create wealth for themselves by participating in the Golden era of cryptocurrencies.

Swisscoin Celebrates 1year in Business

Since May 1st, 2016 – SWISSCOIN has worked non-stop on the finalization of their vision, becoming a global value transfer instrument and payment solution with a currency accepted all over by people and merchants.

To achieve this a few things have been set into place during these first 12 months, first a unique hybrid blockchain (PoW transition into PoS) which is the first of its kind has been built and is now ready to be officially launched to the public.

Offering the latest, most innovative technology while still being environmental and energy friendly is a major factor in creating the success we are about to experience.

Network Achievement

The company has utilized the network marketing concept and by doing this, while providing a higher value and expertise to the network, they have acquired more than 600.000 users and 250.000 investors in SWISSCOIN.

With more than 2 billion SWISSCOIN sold and distributed amongst these investors, there will be a sure growth in value after IPO, demand is created by awareness, awareness is created by people and SWISSCOIN already has a huge advantage in # of users before entering the market.

Acceptance Points

The company and its users have already started to organize themselves as acceptance points of the currency, meaning that after public listing you will instantly see merchants accepting SWISSCOIN.

You will therefore be able to use SWISSCOIN as a payment method in shops and stores and this creates a higher demand as trading of the currency will increase, more people will want to acquire it as they see they can use it. We can today see more than 5000 merchants connected to SWISSCOIN.

External Web Wallet & Blockchain Explorer

Swisscoin releases their blockchain explorer alongside with external web wallet, fully decentralized. Therefore, users/investors get to own external wallet with their coins transferred to the wallet, so after public launch we get to see lots of activities going on.

Swisscoin Blockchain

Swisscoin Web

External web wallet
blockchain explorer

Lastly, they are not leaving anything to chances, after public listing, the company is still offering users and marketers the possibility to earn extra Income while waiting for their investment to increase by promoting SWISSCOIN through the marketing plan.

Having 7 billion coins to distribute amongst new investors through network marketing over the next two years will ensure that while waiting for the market to stabilize and value to grow, those who wish to work with SWISSCOIN earning more money and more coins while adding more value to the network, they will be paid correctly and accordingly to the marketing plan.

SWISSCOIN is without a doubt the next big cryptocurrency, I want to congratulate all investors for their decisions in the participation of SWISSCOIN at this early stage, the next two – three years will be very exciting for everyone.

I also want to point out the importance of continuing to increase the demand for SWISSCOIN in your area, just because we are close to being listed does not mean we automatically get a demand.

The demand is created by awareness and the awareness is created by us, make sure to share the information about SWISSCOIN as well as the information about blockchain and cryptocurrency with others, show them how it will change the world, show them how they can position themselves with SWISSCOIN to profit from this incredible opportunity.