Within the last few weeks, we have heard series of complains such as to hacked swisscoin accounts and other related issues. As known, security system has been weakened by outside hacker threats and the top priority right now is to make sure that the security will be top notch before sending out more coins to its owners, for anyone thinking this is bad, you are wrong, for anyone complaining about this, you are waiting of, the security of our system is the most important thing to have.

Recently, external wallet undergoes security patch as company encrypts its server against any form of external treat. This is what we ever wanted, to feel secured. However, we expect completion of transfer process before the next 7weeks and public trading follows.

The biggest and most exciting news is that an IT tech company has bought 50% of SWISSCOIN and they are setting up a SWISS fin tech Corporation that will be running the project SWISSCOIN, they are setting up and introducing new blockchain services like health care, insurance and smart contracts that will be tied to SWISSCOIN increasing the utility of the coin, meaning it will be a lot more than just a buy and sell coin.

Stay tuned guys; more info would get to you as soon as possible…


  1. Is there a Problem if one has several user accounts with the same email???
    Presently it is blocking the Edit account from updating if you want to fill in the SIC Wallet details!!!
    Is support.swisscoin.eu responding to this?? I’am awaiting an answer since several weeks!!!

  2. Hi SIC
    We would like to voice our thanks, in stepping up security, and make it a priority.Also congratulate SIC on new acquired partner on high tech, who has just bought 50% stake, as we are told. The skeptics will be disappointed, and remain in the corner with new manifactured reason of not joining this Giant wave, as members we are moving forward nothing will stop us.

  3. i want to register new member….but since the website is upgrading…does this will effect the 100 free coins (unavailable) when splitindicator reach 100%?

  4. What does IT Tech buy 50% SWISSCOIN? Did they mean buying 5billion Swisscoin out of the 10billion issued? If true then the remaining balance is less than 5billion more ..

  5. Hello..i cannot edit sic wallet and my address wallet not exist…presently its blocking me to edit account and updating the new SIC wallet details !!!!!!! .is support swisscoin.eu responding to this?????..i’m waiting the answer