Swisscoin finally unveils their BackOffice app with lot of integrated features as it is in their BackOffice. However, this app reveals an up-to-date information on swisscoin related topics, upcoming events and also info about new products in the swisscoin-shop.

Right now, the swisscoin BackOffice app is still in beta mode, meaning, there are lots of other features to be integrated in the app with improvements. For now, the beta version of the app features the dashboard, profile, KYC, Accounts, Bonuses, E-wallet, shop, messages and network sections.

Highlighted features of Swisscoin BackOffice Android App

1.      Simplified dashboard with view on E-wallet balance, cash account, trading account and bonuses since start as seen in the image below. We can also find the career ranks, business volumes, difficulty level and others once you swipe the dashboard side by side.


2.      On profile section, users get to edit and update their profile details such as birth date, gender, country, state, name, bitcoin address, contact details, bank info, social data and tax data.

3.      The swisscoin app also provides users with KYC menu, where they get to upload their Know your customer documents and also gets notified when documents are verified.

4.      The Account section brings in multiple tabs consisting cash, trading, tokens and number of swisscoins acquired.

5.      Bonuses section brings in multiple tab consisting matching bonus, team, fast start and direct bonus. Below the section is a filter push button where users get to select date range on earned commission.

6.      E-wallet section brings back the swisscoin transfer funds option (although not available at the moment), along with transfer details and payout release.

7.      Shop section is where users get to shop swisscoin tokens with all payment options available and well simplified.

8.      The messaging menu brings users best interactive moment with either direct up-line or bulk message blast to all downlines. With this option, users get to create interactive moment with the network.

9.      Lastly, the network section reveals everyone in your team, from your first line down to their downlines.

Download Link – you can get the swisscoin BackOffice app from playstore. In due time, I’ll upload a mirror link which you can also download directly from. Feel free to share the app with your friends and let them know how great it is being part of swisscoin.



  1. remove the fee to download the app i and my team will download, greedy swisscoin cryptocurrency is unfair, we are investors what do we gain?

    • I believe the company made a price tag on their app because they need funds to carry on with charity project and some other projects. However, I’m not certain with that as the app is still in beta mode and charges may not be applied once the app development is completed.