The management, swisscoin, unleashed swisscoin 2.0 during their convention held in Dubai. This is said to be the next phase of swisscoin with update on project goals, vision and most importantly strategy on entering the global market.

Swisscoin global sales manager, Mr Andreas Kartrud, uploaded a webinar video with tag “swisscoin recap of the convention”. However, the video emphasized more on swisscoin 2.0, blockchain launch, official site (company identity) and swisscoin development.

Recap of the swisscoin convention – highlights

Swisscoin 2.0 – this is focused on company improvements, system security, KYC verification time, withdrawals, and IPO preparation with acceptance strategy

Blockchain Launch – this focuses on public trading, wallet app and merchant connection. I already published an article which details swisscoin blockchain presentation and wallet app.

Official swisscoin website discussed

Swisscoin development – this focuses on swisscoin charity AID for Africa, development of Chinese, Europe and Africa market, communication on the network, extensive tanning units and leadership training programs.

Watch the video below and get educated on company’s goal to making swisscoin amongst the top 5 crypto currency.