KYC aka Know Your Customer is the process of a business identifying and also verifying the identity of its clients. Swisscoin implemented the KYC rule to regulate and govern their system against fraud activities and also winding off criminals.

Uploading valid documents for swisscoin KYC verification has been an issue for most swisscoin investors. However, without KYC verified account, investors involved in marketing the currency won’t be eligible for cash withdrawal.


Today, I’ll simply walk you through the process on how to upload valid documents for KYC verification. At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to identify the format of document to be uploaded, limit on file size and options on uploading documents.

How to upload valid documents for quick KYC verification

  1. Firstly, log into your swisscoin backoffice, Go to Basic data -> My data and click on the Edit Account tab as seen in the image below.swisscoin-edit-account
  2. Next, to encounter zero issue during the KYC approval process, make sure the below details is what match with what you have in your document. (a) First name and Last name (b) Resident address (c) Country and city
  3. Go back to Basic data -> KYC and read through the KYC requirements as shown in the image below.kyc
  4. Next, on the ID/Passport section, you’re to scan and upload any valid country ID which includes voter’s card, international passport, national ID or drivers licence. Company may also accept valid work ID for government workers, valid student ID or any legit company as long as it shows your full name and also name of the organization.
  5. On the proof of address section, you’re to upload utility bill bearing your resident address. However, it’s best you upload bank statement for quicker approval because it bears both your name and resident address.
  6. Make sure that the uploaded file format includes only PDF, JPEG and PNG as anything outside that won’t be accepted by the system.
  7. Lastly, file upload size must not exceed 2MB.

Common errors users make – KYC Rejection issues

  1. Uploaded content doesn’t match with details filled on profile
  2. Uploaded documents not clear
  3. Manipulated documents, that is, documents tempered with an image editing tool
  4. Users are fund of uploading ID slip instead of card
  5. Uploading over 6months old utility bill document.

Once you’re with the right document, KYC verification won’t be an issue for you. Also take note that the KYC process is mandatory for just users that are into the swisscoin multi-level marketing, as payments goes to the KYC verified accounts. If after the whole process, you still have issue with KYC verification, please feel free to let me know via comment section.



    • KYC approval process is now faster.. what I advise users to do is reupload same documents as long as it’s the valid documents and give it few days for approval

  1. Thanks prof, I have uploaded my docs, which includes : national ID card, lawma bill. And was rejected, I have international passport but it’s as been expired, can I used it? Or my company 🆔?
    Pls I need more enlitement on it.
    Thanks once again

  2. Why need to reupload, cum on … to be 3rd top … be realistic on KYC verification process… if rejection, must be a notification back to us…support team is not reaponding when we wrote to them!!!! Wonder… is support team available to support us????
    Pls fix all these issues:
    1. KYC process
    2. Withdrawal issue
    3. Provide a dedicated support team
    – advise us based on regional area, which support we supposed to write to…
    Hope swisscoiner leaders will pick up my comments here…

    Benchmark with others pls , to be top the world…do not all the time giving “excuses”…

    • From what I can tell, those who uploaded documents for KYC approval since last year, not all was approved due to massive request on KYC and this is why we encourage users to reupload with most recent documents and by doing So, they’re getting verified without much delay.

      As for withdrawal, the issues was already discussed during the Dubai convention and set to be fixed few weeks from today with two withdrawal options (local bank and bitcoin).

      Talking about dedicated support, i already published a related article as once their official website is published, the company promised to integrate the live support team as there would be someone to attend yo your issues every min of the day.

      Hope you’re cleared 😁

  3. why is the issue of bared account not said here? the major issue now is not kyc but most account are been bared
    pls i am not affected but it is capable of discouraging people

  4. Sir, I have uploaded my kyc document on 5 June 2017 but it still showing pending what should I do as I have email them but they haven’t replied me … Please guide me
    I’m from India and I’m not able to buy tokens as well

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