Digital money challenges traditional money in global market, so therefore, investing in digital money is one of the best decisions to make, although not in most of them, as there are ways to know the legit ones with unique strategy on entering global market. I already published an article that details why you should invest in digital money.

As known, the first crypto currency, bitcoin, outperform other investment like real estate, stock market and gold. This really tells that the world of crypto currency is damn moving at great speed and that’s the more reason you need to take action.

Bitcoin Success Story

I believe most of you already know the success story of Bitcoin and its growth in value today. However, it’s known to be even much more valuable than precious metals. Bitcoin cryptocurrency was unleashed 2009 and then, the value of Bitcoin was as low as 0.02usd. Within a short period of time, Bitcoin value per unit increased from 0.02usd to over 1500usd. So, imagined you had purchased 100usd worth bitcoin in 2009, you would’ve had the total of 5000 Bitcoins which is now valued for over 7.5million usd. That’s the power of digital currency, and it’s really made lot of people millionaires and billionaires.


Swisscoin is a brand new digital currency that was pre-launched June 4th 2016 with a unique strategy on entering the global market. Immediately after their launch, they didn’t plan on going public till they’ve strategized ways to grow demands and emerge acceptance point of their digital units before going public and then listed in coin capitalization market.


The company has completed their blockchain ( and also external ewallet ( that will go public; this blockchain is said to go public exchange in August 2017. Up until then, the company is selling out the total amount of coins (10 billion) to members/investors in swisscoin in form of Swisscoin academy and tokens.


Swisscoin Marketing Strategy

With the implementation of their multi-level marketing platform, it’s used to bring in early partners or investors that were to own the digital units, so once they go public, they’ll be able to use at their profit.


However, the aim to grow demand which bring about pre-growth of the currency was or will become a success with this strategy; so therefore, it uses the network marketing plan for faster awareness of the coin as well as building the demand and therefore ensuring a pre growth in value once it starts mining.

When the Blockchain goes public, we the early investors are the one’s owning the coin, and when the public wants to buy it for trade as they see the value increases, we are the ones that will sell it to the public for our profit.

Hybrid Blockchain

The Swisscoin company works towards using a hybrid blockchain technology (x10 faster than bitcoin), which seems to be the first of its kind which uses a mix Proof of Stake (POS) and  Proof of Work (POW) as released in its whitepaper.

Why I Should Invest in Swisscoin?

  1. Due to the implementation of their MLM platform, they tend to be centralized before turning decentralized with IPO – Swisscoin is building the demand before they hit the public market ensuring the growth of value.
  2. Strategy to enter the market and their focus is on the utility of the coin. Knowing that the demand of coins is set by the usability of coins the company is educating merchants on the benefits of cryptocurrency and making agreements to accept swisscoin as a payment method.
  3. With the implementation of KYC (which so many crypto currency like bitcoin didn’t regulate), it brings about secure and traceable transaction, meaning Swisscoin can be a part of the global economy as there won’t be room for terrorism funding and money laundering.

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So you can easily start up an investment plan with swisscoin with as low as 25euro and above. If you’re still yet to join swisscoin, you can follow the register button below to register and setup a free account with them. I guarantee you a successful investment as it’s the best decision to take on investment.