This is becoming more interesting as day pass by. Swisscoin digital currency is a long term project as said earlier. If you’re dumping yours now, then you’re really missing a lot. However, weeks from today, there would be huge increase in the value of swisscoin as the company is now strategizing on stabilizing the price.

As known, swisscoin blockchain uses a “Proof of Stake” function. Unlike bitcoin where you need heavy amount of energy to mine coins, in swisscoin, all you need to do is stake your coins and you will be rewarded with the transaction fees in the block you stake each time you are the chosen” forger”, this is randomly chosen but the more volume you stake, the higher chance you have of being the chosen one.

Staking SIC coins is very easy; however, you can only stake using the desktop core wallet with few other setups which I would be revealing to you.

How to stake SIC coins and earn rewards?

  1. Firstly, download the swisscoin desktop core wallet. I already revealed the download links in my previous article.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the desktop core wallet, give it some time to synchronise in the network. Due to it’s your first time, it might take some time to complete synchronize.
  3. After that, go to settings and click on unlock wallet.
  4. You should see the unlock padlock at the left down corner of the desktop core wallet.
  5. What next? Transfer your SIC from exchange to your desktop core wallet, and leave your system connected to the internet every hour with the desktop core wallet open. You would keep earning POS reward.
  6. That’s it.

Remember to back-up your wallet. It’s very simple. You click on file >> backup wallet. Maybe, in my next article, I would brief you guys how to back-up your desktop core wallet and restore anytime.

So guy, buy and accumulate as much SIC coins as possible. That’s great, exactly what we need, put some focus on that this is how we “mine” or rather forge the blocks by staking, and the more you stake the more coins you get. Volume is increasing every 24hours and we would get to the top in no time. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Hi, I started my offline and unlocked wallet for the “Proof of Stake” at 14:25 UTC+1 and informed me that the wait time to receive the reward is 6 hours.
    It’s 1:19 UTC+1 (11 hours spent) and there has never been any reward, and the message always says that the waiting time to receive the reward is always 6 hours.
    There are currently 13 active Swisscoin network connections.
    There is the problem?

  2. Swisscoin has proven to be a reliable Cryptocurrency. It is now listed on

    And on the first exchange @

    their block explorer can be seen at

    Their wallet can be downloaded at

    Web wallet @

    And the desktop wallet @


    MAC OS

    Linux OS

    Join the telegram group for more info

    • we advise you don’t use the web wallet for now. If you have sent to web wallet and it have not reflected, just stay tuned.. once update and upgrade is over, it would reflect. Your coins is not lost as the transaction is already confirmed on blockexperts

  3. Hello ! I downloaded the purse on a note-book and transferred coins from the stock exchange into it. Two days the synchronization went well. It has not been synchronized for several days now. I’m very concerned about this. Can I get it?

  4. Wallet connected to the Internet , I made a backup and installed the same wallet on another computer-the sync was a couple of hours . In the graph available shows 1089 coins , and in proportion to mining , where I have 301172 shows 0 , and missing transactions that I received in mining . My wallet address SP1daQCECR6FCon94GNgAQd6PXWDcDmkfy sincerely Paul !