As known, Swisscoin is set to hit public market on the 1st of August 2017. The companies’ new face is by little being unveiled, and they’re getting to the promise land as expected. We can see that the company is gradually uploading their new interface (website), and now they’re done testing their blockchain and ready to transfer coins to investor’s external wallet.

Recently, investors received an email notification detailing how they can support the company ready their external wallet, so as the SIC transfer could be executed within the next 14days. However, it’s noticed that not all investors received the newsletter as shown quoted below.

Dear SWISSCOIN_Partner,
We are very pleased to inform you that SWISSCOIN is making great strides towards SWISSCOIN´s public and stock exchange trading.
For the next 14 days your support is mandatory to activate the web wallet.
Please log in to your BackOffice and:
–       In the menu bar, click on the menu item “Basic Data”
(English language selection), then on “generate Wallet”
–       Then click on the Button “Create New Wallet”
–       Click on the red box and enter a password with 9 characters
(Letters big and small, digits and special characters)
–       Write down and keep the password in a safe place.
–       Then click on the blue button “Generate Wallet”
–       Save the keystore file write down your private key
–       Save your SIC address (2.Save your address)
–       Then click on the button “Access Existing Wallet” above
–       There you have to insert the stored / written down “Keystore File”
–       Enter your previously set password.
–       Now you are logged in to your SIC-Web Wallet. You find your SIC-address on the left side.
–       NOTE! Please follow the steps above. Otherwise your SWISSCOINS can NOT be transferred into your web      wallet and the blockchain!
–       Summary

The above message is what most investors got from the company. So from the above, we can get info on how to generate the external wallet and also send address to company for transfer of SIC coins. Nevertheless, I will still provide you with a detailed guide on how to generate external wallet and also provide company with SIC wallet address.

How to Generate SIC External Web Wallet and Get SIC Transferred

1. Firstly, log into your swisscoin account to visit your Backoffice

2. After that, click on the “Basic data” tab and navigate to “My data”.

3. On account overview, click on “Create s SIC-wallet” as shown in the image below.


4. You would be redirected to “”, as seen in the below image.

5. Next is to insert your desired password and hit “Generate wallet” as in the image above.

6. After that, download the keystore file and please it’s mandatory for you to keep the file save as it’s needed when accessing your wallet.

7. When you’re done, hit the “access existing wallet” tab and tick Keystore/ Json file.

8. Next, select wallet file and insert the Keystore file you downloaded in step 6.

9. Insert your password and hit unlock.

10. Copy your account wallet address as seen in the image below.

11. Go back to swisscoin BackOffice >> Basic data >> My data >> Edit Account and paste the address in the SIC address field as shown below.

That’s it. Within the next 14days as said by the company, we should be able to receive all SIC transferred to our SIC external wallet. Once company goes public, free trading starts and we can be able to trade SIC for any other cryptocurrency and also for purchase of goods and services. As for blocked accounts along with inaccessible account, company would get that resolved as soon as possible, at least before IPO. Stay tuned guys, more updates coming.


  1. Swisscoin-

    I did created this wallet addresses the first time we were notified to do so. Should I use those created before now to update my account or discard and create a new one?

    Can we also use one wallet address for multiple accounts?

    I look forward to your response please: