Finally, we can see Swisscoin (SIC) listed on public exchange and trade is on, at this time. However, days after public trade, we saw huge dump which lead to huge decrease in value. Swisscoin went from 12000sat to 10sat. Developers had to increase supply for higher volume and more coins distribution in the market, but most early investors (that had their coins transferred to wallet) seeing SIC at opening high priced value saw this as a routine to dump their coins (for gain) and this also brought panic to the market as others also sold for lose, therefore surfacing to huge decrease in value.

Top leaders, after a charted group conversation, communicated Mr Manfred Mayer, and with no doubt, informed as he gave us a sketch of companies roadmap and plans ahead. Although, we are aware of some from previous newsletter sent to members and also some other facts emphasized on whitepaper.

We are still in early stage of public listing, so it’s said that things like this happen as its normal for entry coin to lose value before stabilizing. Although it was much in this case, but that doesn’t call for panic is it’s in a bit to take advantage and get as many coins as possible in lowest possible rate.

After a conversation with Mr Manfred Mayer, these are the highlights we jotted down,

  1. Mr Manfred Mayer happily encouraged we buy now and hold: As you can see, the value of swisscoin (SIC) can be purchased on exchange at the lowest possible rate. So, he advised, for maximum gain and huge return on investment, that we buy and hold for at least 2years.
  2.  Listing and visibility on coinmarketcap would take at least 3months: He further explained that listing on coinmarketcap was never a problem, that company can handle that in no time. However, we don’t get surprised if we get listed any moment soon, but at least 3months as it cost nothing to be listed. At least, you can confirm that swisscoin is yet to be listed via coinmarketcap/currencies/swisscoin. He said 3months for the purpose of once being listed, we get ranked on top, so 3months is enough time to gain enough volume and market capitalization on trades.
  3. Coin Price stabilization and Public relation strategy: He also informed us that he’s journey to Mallorca is to host a meeting in regards to coin price stabilization, meaning in no time, the price goes up as we get more buy orders and huge demand and also he informed us about public relation strategy, meaning, they get to communicate the public and media so as to create solid relationship between company and audience through social media. He also informed leaders to stop marketing as MLM aspect is over, however, related info would be related to us as they work on public relation strategy.
  4. Hong Kong exchange and many more coming in: He assured us that in no time, we surface Hong kong exchange as said in their previous newsletter and more top exchanges that we know would also come in. however, we know what this means? SIC flies to the moon. Hehe
  5. Credit card to be linked with SIC wallet: Mr Manfred Mayer further explained that as promised from the start, swisscoin cryptocurrency would be linked with credit cards as a means of payment and purchase of goods and services. As known, this would without doubt increase demand of SIC, value and also market capitalization, making SIC amongst the top 3 crypto currencies.
  6. Acceptance points revealed: He further revealed over 8,000 acceptance points, which is yet to be made known to all.
  7. Developers face goes public, Company withdraws: He also informed us that swisscoin success was based on marketing and that in the beginning of 2018, developers face would go public. After that, the company would finalize their entire obligation to the members and setup the destination before the company withdraws and it will be left for the community and developers. Which means complete decentralization Just as Bitcoin did in the past.

The above highlights are what we managed to note down after a brief chat with Mr Manfred. This is just too good and it’s a huge start for us. Investors and big whales already jumping in to acquire as many SIC as possible to their wallet because it’s at lowest possible price and they know the future behind swisscoin as it’s a long term business. Once price stabilizes, investors know would be on very huge gain. However, looking at the project goals and where swisscoin crypto is headed to, it tells how huge it will be in market on capitalization and value.

I advise you acquire as much SIC as possible to your wallet and leave for years. As for the smart ones, you send coins to desktop wallet and stake for more profits.

Conclusively, even if things are not going as fast as planned, one thing remain that swisscoin management keeps to their promise, and that’s what matters. So therefore, the company would finalize all obligations, resolve all issues and set their destination before leaving us with developers.