Swisscoin highlights on KYC, withdrawals, merchants, diamond pool and others – Dubai convention

The swisscoin Dubai convention was a successful one as known. Investors were opportune to question the management and all went as expected. However, the management informed the...

Swisscoin Presents New Website, Blockchain and Web Ewallet – Dubai Convention

The swisscoin convention held in Dubai was a huge success as the event started with a welcome drink and launch where most country leaders got to know...

Photos from Swisscoin top Leaders Dinner Meeting – Night before Convention

Swisscoin top leaders finally got time to hook up with each other through a successful dinner meeting held in Radisson BLU hotel Creek Dubai. It’s a night...

Swisscoin International Convention in Dubai, What we know?

Swisscoin is finally set to come out in open announcing their launch through a global convention in Dubai. The company as known was initially launched on the...

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Swisscoin aims to be listed amongst top 3 cryptocurrency

What we know is that being amongst the top 3 crypto currencies is not just about the value of the currency but the market capitalization. As...