Recently, we got lot of complains on hacked swisscoin accounts and investors not able to access their swisscoin account only for us to find out that some of the swisscoin investors fall victim of the login structure which is nothing more than just a phishing website that attempts to gather peoples sensitive information like your swisscoin username and password.

Users who fall victim of this huge scam might have lost their investment, but as long as your account is KYC verified, I’m pretty sure it could be retrieved. However, the company isn’t responsible for not taking proper security measures on securing our swisscoin account. phishing site

For safety of all swisscoin investors, it’s advised you properly check the address bar to see if you correctly typed in the correct swisscoin address which is and not, so be ware.

Let’s keep our investment secured while we wait for IPO as we getting set to hit the crypto stock exchange market. However, for those of you that hasn’t created your SIC external wallet and provides to company, please do so.