Backing up your swisscoin wallet helps to protect your wallet against computer or software failures. However, this process helps to retrieve your funds if your device gets stolen or lost. Therefore, you should learn to back up your swisscoin wallet so you don’t operate under risk.

Previously, I published an article on how to stake SIC coins to earn POS rewards. Today, I’ll be your guide on how to backup and also restore your swisscoin sic desktop core wallet. So, I advise you follow up the guide, as there are different restore process for Windows, Mac OS and Linux computer.

How to Backup Swisscoin Desktop core wallet?

  1. Firstly, download the swisscoin desktop core wallet. Download links already provided in my previous article.
  2. After that, launch the wallet and wait for it to synchronise. This may take several minutes or even hours.
  3. Once synchronization is completed, on the top click on File >> Backup wallet.
  4. Save the file as wallet. Also make sure you save the file on external storage, cloud storage or even as mail draft. Do not lose the file.
  5. That’s it.

How to Restore Swisscoin Desktop core wallet?

After backup, the next is restoring. So, let’s assume your device is stolen or lost, and you got a new device and already saved your wallet.dat backup on either an external storage, cloud storage or email draft. What you should do is get back the file and follow the below procedure. Remember, different procedure for different operating system

  1. For windows user, simply locate %APPDATA%\Swisscoin.
  2. Open the folder, you would see the wallet.dat file. Simply replace with the one you backed up.
  3. As for Linux users, locate ~/.swisscoin/.
  4. Mac OS users, locate ~/Library/Application Support/Swisscoin/.
  5. That’s it.

Hope this helps. If you encounter any difficulty during the process, feel free to let us know via comment section. I would gladly assist you. Enjoy swisscoin, it’s the future. Stay tuned.


  1. 1. Which is done first? Backup before transferring your Swisscoin from the exchanger website OR Transfer all your Swisscoin then proceed with the backup?

    2. Will any coin transferred into the wallet after the backup has been done be added to your coins when backup is recovered in a different computer?

    • backup b4 or after makes no different. even if you transfer millions of coins after backup… it would reflect when u restore

  2. Thanks for this update, but I have a different plea, for a couple of days, I have been trying to access my backoffice, and I have been experiencing difficulties to go through. And I have written to sipport and still waiting for an answer after four days, have forwarded my requests.

    Kind Regards
    Muzi Ndadana

  3. How long does it take to restore? I backup my wallet before transferring coins and after the transfer I did not backup again but now I’m having sync problem I want to use another system will all my coins show since I did not backup when there was coins in my offline wallet?