This is the moment we’ve long anticipated. Finally, swisscoin has completed upgrade on their BackOffice, providing users a new tab including “blockchain” and sub-menu tab including block explorer, web wallet and office wallet.

The swisscoin offline web wallet is available for windows client, mac and Linux users. So, simply log into your swisscoin BackOffice, click on the blockchain tab >> Offline wallet, then you would see link to download the offline wallet app, as shown in the image below.


Links to Offline wallet app

Windows – << Download here >>

Mac OS – << Download here >>

Linux – <<Download here >>

What swisscoin offline wallet app looks like? (Image)

SIC offline wallet

The image above is a typical sample of SIC offline wallet above, including the dashboard, the send and receive button, along with address book. You can back up your wallet and export to any personal computer you own to access same wallet.

As known, SIC makes use of a POS “Proof of stake“ blockchain, meaning, we earn interest on coins staked. So, the stake displayed on the dashboard explains the fact that we can easily stake our coins and help verify the network.

Finally, company already submitted documentation to Hong Kong exchanges, and before the end of this year, we get to see swisscoin listed on most of the exchanges and also appear on coinmarketcap. This is what we’ve ever wanted. Soonest, transfer of coins to our wallet would be completed and we can the smile till the end. As for blocked accounts, newsletter has been sent to users, urging them to send support a mail, detailing your username, email address and a copy of your passport to and subject of mail should be “Release system blocking”.

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