An estimated over 500,000 businesses accepts cryptocurrencies today due to the financial benefits attached to accepting digital currency as a mode of payment. However, some merchants are still struggling on considering if to embrace this opportunity or not.

Recently, merchants from round the world are already making agreements to accept swisscoin cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Today being the 14th of April 2017, swisscoin already acquired over 6000 merchants in just few months. This merchant sees the benefits on accepting swisscoin which gives them a reason to accept it as mode of payment.

Are you a Business owner? And you’re looking forward to accepting swisscoin as a mode of payment but still not yet convinced? Here are some benefits you get when you agree to accept swisscoin crypto currency.

Benefits of Accepting Swisscoin Digital Money as a Business Owner

  1. Business Exposure

You can call it a mutual exposure because getting to accept swisscoin as a mode of payment helps in exposing your business to the public, as swisscoin would be happy to get you on their list of merchants accepting their currency and it becomes a win-win scenario for every business involved.

  1. Borderless transactions

Swisscoin is the people’s coin and can be used across borders. There’s no limit on transaction an also no barriers. It’s a global currency that can be used by anyone on planet earth. So come to think of it. Accepting swisscoin as a mode of payment eradicates limit on transactions, so you get to do business with any client abroad.

  1. Low transaction fee

Unlike our normal fiat currency, which is being controlled by the financial industry (the banks), there are lots of hidden charges with up to 3 to 5% charge on all transaction being made. There is even likely to be more than 5% charge on all transactions made across borders. But when you accept swisscoin cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for your business, there’s very less 1% charge on transaction which is nothing compared. However, you also make more profit as the swisscoin is inflation proof as explained below.

  1. Inflation Proof

Swisscoin is said to have maximum of 10Bln units in circulation, which means, more demand, limited supply, growth in value. So as a business owner, come to think of it. If you accept swisscoin as a mode of payment, unlike the fiat currency volatility we face, you get to acquire more of swisscoin and profit is made on the continuous value appreciation. So, getting to save the swisscoin cryptocurrency over the years would bring about huge profit on savings.

  1. No chargebacks

When we talk about chargebacks, we refer to the biggest fear of most merchants. As known, business owners are losing a lot of money to chargebacks. But accepting swisscoin, it makes the purchase of your goods and service final with no money returns and no chargebacks.

  1. Customers Anonymity

Due to the fact that you accept swisscoin as a mode of payment, you’re likely to gain more customers. However, customers paying in swisscoin don’t divulge their identifiable information (name, address, billing etc). So, they respect the level of identity-theft protection unlike credit cards. As known, when a customer makes use of credit cards for purchase, their unique information is revealed and their personal information is being used without their knowledge which annoys them. Therefore, accepting swisscoin is the best way to pave that out.

  1. No delay on transaction

This is one of the greatest benefits on accepting swisscoin as a mode of payment. Theirs is no delay on transaction. Any payment being made is reflected to your wallet within nanoseconds. Unlike the use of credit cards when transaction made can be locked up for up to a week or more and there held in a sort of escrow in case someone requests a chargeback which also attracts more cost. So the ability to get paid quickly settles it all.

  1. Improves business reputation

This is a huge deal. Every business owner wants their businesses to be highly reputable anywhere. So accepting swisscoin as a mode of payment don’t just expose your business to public but also increases the reputation of your business. At least, your business would be made known for embracing the opportunity.

  1. Fast, safe, secured and Transparent

I already explained how there are no delay on transaction. So, accepting swisscoin, transactions becomes safer and more secured compared to the use of fiat currency, debit and credit cards. This is made possible through the process of blockchain technology, and as known, swisscoin makes use of the hybrid blockchain technology which brings about faster confirmation and on every transaction made on its network with pure transparency. You can read more about the hybrid blockchain.

  1. Swisscoin to Bitcoin or Fiat currency

As a business owner that accept swisscoin as a mode of payment, you get convert your swisscoin to bitcoin instantly or you can easily cash out to fiat currency using the swisscoin MasterCard that is yet to be distributed amongst its users. You know, most business owners are being concerned about cash at hand to carry out other business, but I tell you, accepting swisscoin don’t just give you cash at hand (as there are so many platform you’ll be able to trade it or withdraw via bitcoin to ATM machine) but also provides smaller businesses with wholesale businesses for restock. So you see, it’s a win-win at all end.

Bottom Line

Are you a merchant? I hope by now you’re convinced on why you should accept swisscoin as a mode of payment. To get started, first register a free swisscoin account, after that, click on the acceptance point tab and fill in the form provided. The company would contact you, and you’ll be directed on what next to do. Accept swisscoin today and profit huge tomorrow.